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CATS - Academic & Applied Research in the Digital Age

CATS is a centre for research, practice and training in the domains of wellbeing, lifespan development, crime and victimisation and experiences online. Its focus is on both stress experience and resilience, both in-person and online. It draws upon academic and applied research expertise, teaching and knowledge exchange to further understanding of lifespan development, social adversity, and impact of digital technology on individuals and society. Research also focuses upon crime and victimisation. The Centre research utilises approaches involving attachment, stress and lifespan models to focus on health, social care and criminal justice perspectives to inform practice and policy. It combines psychology and criminology with a focus on real life and online experience, and utilises a range of research methods including those online. It is thus adapted for the digital age.

The centre provides research, both academic and applied, consultancy, practice training, media dissemination, continuing professional development, knowledge exchange and learning in a broad range of abuse and trauma related topics across the lifespan, including with children, adolescents, adults and in older age. Areas covered include:

Internet child abuse, cyberbullying, sexting and self taken images, online stalking and internet safety, young people’s use of digital media and online behaviour in the UK and the Middle East (view projects)

Resilience, support, coping with stress, safety both online and in person (view projects)

Crime & victimisation@CATS
Intrafamilial child sexual abuse, young people and trust in the police, child victims in the investigative process, child trafficking, community support for offenders and their families (view projects)

Child and adult stress and mental health, attachment issues in abuse and trauma; domestic abuse of both children and partners (view projects)


Centre provision includes:

  • service evaluations (e.g. in child safeguarding and Looked After services; police practice with vulnerable victims; educational services around abuse prevention; interagency working of professionals; youth services);
  • Scientific research research projects in area of stress and health and cyberbullying;
  • Bespoke research projects and  consultancy
  • Workshops on abuse/ trauma related topics (child safeguarding; attachment; parenting; internet abuse; interviewing child victims; risk assessment of serious offenders);
  • Short training courses on assessment (e.g. child neglect/abuse; attachment style; parenting; internet offenders and risk) and methods (around assessment, self-evaluation and research tools) and consultancy for researchers and practitioners.

The Centre consolidates expert support from a wide array of partners. Centre partners include voluntary organisations, statutory services and potential funders as well as universities and research centres.




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